Niet Ban Tinh Xa is a beautiful Buddhist temple located in Vietnam. It is a perfect destination for a friends trip, offering a serene and peaceful environment for relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. The temple is surrounded by lush greenery and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. During your trip to Niet Ban Tinh Xa, you and your friends can participate in various activities to enhance your spiritual well-being. You can join meditation sessions led by experienced monks, learn about Buddhist teachings, and explore the temple grounds. The tranquil atmosphere of the temple will help you find inner peace and harmony. Apart from the spiritual aspect, Niet Ban Tinh Xa also offers opportunities for adventure and exploration. You can take nature walks in the nearby forests, visit the local villages to experience the traditional Vietnamese culture, and try delicious vegetarian cuisine at the temple's restaurant. Accommodation options near Niet Ban Tinh Xa i... Leer más