Diaojiaolou, also known as stilted buildings, are a unique architectural style found in the mountainous regions of southern China. These traditional wooden houses are built on stilts, allowing them to stand above the ground and adapt to the hilly terrain. Planning a road trip to explore Diaojiaolou architecture will take you on a fascinating journey through the rich cultural heritage of this region. As you embark on your road trip, you will encounter picturesque villages nestled amidst lush green mountains. Each Diaojiaolou house is a work of art, showcasing intricate woodwork and exquisite craftsmanship. The houses are typically two or three stories high, with the ground floor serving as a storage area, the second floor as the living space, and the top floor as a granary. During your road trip, you can visit various villages such as Zhaoxing, Chengyang, and Ping'an, which are renowned for their well-preserved Diaojiaolou architecture. Take leisurely walks through the narro... Leer más