Sichuan University, located in Chengdu, China, is not only a center of academic excellence but also a hub of vibrant student life. Plan a bank holiday trip to Sichuan University and experience the energetic atmosphere and diverse activities that take place on campus. Start your day by joining a campus tour led by enthusiastic student guides who will share interesting anecdotes and stories about university life. Attend a student-led performance, such as a music concert or a theatrical production, showcasing the talents of Sichuan University's creative community. Explore the various student clubs and organizations on campus, ranging from sports clubs to cultural societies, and participate in their activities or events. If you're a sports enthusiast, head to the university's sports facilities and join a friendly game of basketball, soccer, or badminton with fellow students. Don't miss the chance to savor the delicious street food available near the university, offering a taste o... Leer más