Laitan Ancient Town is a charming destination located in the Jiangnan region of China. With its rich history and picturesque scenery, it is an ideal place to plan a work trip. Here are some key points to consider when planning your visit to Laitan Ancient Town: 1. Accommodation: Look for hotels or guesthouses in the town that offer comfortable and convenient lodging options for your team. There are several traditional Chinese-style accommodations available that provide a unique cultural experience. 2. Transportation: Arrange for transportation to and from Laitan Ancient Town. The nearest major airport is in Shanghai, and from there, you can take a train or hire a car to reach the town. 3. Workspaces: Find suitable workspaces in Laitan Ancient Town where you and your team can conduct meetings, workshops, or presentations. Some hotels or local businesses may offer conference rooms or event spaces for rent. 4. Local Cuisine: Laitan Ancient Town is known for its delicious loc... Leer más