Labrang Monastery, also known as Labuleng Si, is one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in China. Located in Xiahe County, Gansu Province, Labrang Monastery is a popular destination for both religious pilgrims and tourists seeking to explore Tibetan culture and architecture. The monastery was founded in 1709 and has since become a significant center for Tibetan Buddhism, housing a large number of monks and serving as an important educational institution. The monastery complex is vast, covering an area of over 1,000 acres and consisting of various halls, temples, and residential buildings. Visitors can explore the monastery's impressive architecture, adorned with intricate Tibetan Buddhist artwork and vibrant prayer flags. The main assembly hall, known as the Grand Sutra Hall, is a must-visit, featuring a massive statue of Buddha and beautiful murals depicting Buddhist teachings. Labrang Monastery is also home to a vast collection of Buddhist scriptures, ancien... Leer más