The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R100 is an excellent electric vacuum cleaner robot to consider during Cyber Monday. This robot vacuum offers powerful suction and advanced mapping technology, allowing it to efficiently clean your floors. With its self-emptying base, the Shark IQ R100 can hold up to 30 days' worth of dirt and debris, eliminating the need for frequent emptying. It also features a multi-stage filtration system that captures dust and allergens, improving the air quality in your home. The Shark IQ R100 uses sensors to navigate around furniture and avoid obstacles, preventing collisions and falls. It can clean various floor types, including carpets and hardwood, and has a runtime of up to 90 minutes. The robot vacuum also supports voice control through compatible smart home devices. Take advantage of Cyber Monday deals to get the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R100 at a discounted price and enjoy a cleaner home with minimal effort.